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The Visual Matrix Property Management System was designed by a dedicated team of hotel professionals along with the input of our valued clients. This collaboration ensured that the system delivers the most technically advanced and intuitive property management system on the market today.

Visual Matrix PMS empowers your staff with the tools they need to efficiently manage day-to-day operations and forecast effectively.

The biggest return on investment Visual Matrix offers is the ability to increase room revenue and occupancy percentages. This is achieved through the use of a robust yield management system, connectivity to all major distribution channels, and commission-free online booking through your own webpage.

The Visual Matrix property management system and a Two-Way GDS or CRS Interface go beyond a standard reservation interface by providing a single point of entry for rate changes, restrictions and allocations. But most importantly, it assists the property in generating more revenue by eliminating early close outs, reservation discrepancies, and reporting yield management rate changes to CRS automatically.

Features of Visual Matrix include:

Full Two-Way GDS and CRS connectivity options

Robust 6-tiered Yield Management structure

Highly intuitive menu system

Easily managed rates, restrictions, and discounts

Remote access options for owners and managers

Continual, on-going software updates

Full access to 24/7 technical support, 365 days a year